Residential Locksmith

Home security requirements change as your family grows.  Technology is always introducing new solutions. You will want different controls and monitoring capability.  Extra security when you are away from home is different from increased protection when you are at home.

We are a full service locksmith company and will not only get you back in if you are locked out but will also help you install new solutions to keep your family and belongings safe.  Of course there are plenty of designs and colors to make everything look great and come together beautifully.

Instead of locking that blind deadbolt and leaving through the garage, find a better solution. Keypad entry locks are an efficient alternative to carrying keys.  It is also more difficult to get locked out with biometric and other keyless locks.  Call us and schedule an appointment today.

Experienced Support Team

After many years working here at Team-Locksmith® we all know what works and what does not.  The most common jobs that drive locksmiths crazy are working with patio doors, filing cabinets and replacing  older style mortise locks. This is where what looks like a simple task can become the most challenging.

Our Support staff will get down and dirty while researching replacement hardware that is compatible to existing locks.  This will help tremendously and save time and money.  There are literally hundreds of similar appearing locks that will not work.  We will figure this out before the technician finds out the hard way.  Plus you will be shown the various options that you do have.  You will be confident and happy knowing we stand behind our work.